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That Moment When Your Car is so Fast OnStar Calls

HPE650 Camaro Z/28 Calls OnStar

Hennessey Performance pulls too many Gs apparently.

The team at Hennessey Performance know a thing or two about making really fast cars with utterly ridiculous amounts of power. Their HPE650 Camaro Z/28 is one such car that produces over 650 horsepower and racks up a whole lotta’ G forces on the track.

HPE650 Camaro Z/28 Calls OnStar

Just how powerful is it? Consider this: While driving during the filming of their latest promotional video, OnStar called the HPE650 Camaro Z/28 because of the data that it was receiving, thinking that it had been in some sort of accident.

That’s the kind of power we all like and crave.

Source: Hennessey Performance

How crazy is it that OnStar called this HPE650 Camaro Z/28 because of how many Gs it was pulling?


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