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The new Kahn Aston Martin DB9 is Pure British Style

Kahn Aston Martin DB9

Power, style, and class.

Aston Martins have always been special automobiles in the automotive world. They have a classy way of putting raw power to the road and represent the elegant British lifestyle perfectly. The team at A Kahn Design is no stranger to these fine pieces of automotive art, and has given the Aston Martin DB9 a new styling package.

The Kahn Aston Martin DB9 is the essential British sports car. Underneath the hood is a 5.9-liter V-12 with an intoxicating exhaust note and 450 bhp output, allowing it to reach 60 mph in a mere 4.1 seconds. The special British handcrafted feel is also featured throughout the car before and after the transformation.

Kahn Aston Martin DB9

The featured Kahn Aston Martin DB9 wears a brilliant Meteorite Silver and a number of exclusive upgrades. Up front sits a new air intake surround that gives the supercar a more dynamic face and the impression of speed, even while standing still. The rear sports a new apron that adds a more aggressive feature to the DB9 without taking away from the car’s classic design.

The last aspect of Kahn Aston Martin DB9 that was upgraded on the exterior was the wheel fitment. Here, the team at A Kahn Design installed a set of RS-XK wheels with Silver Platinum finish in a wide 9.0 x 21 front and 10.5 x 21 rear setup. Each wheel hides a Silverstone grey brake caliper.

As an option, customers can also choose to have new suspension springs, undercar lighting, and other aerodynamic body work installed by A Kahn Design.

Kahn Aston Martin DB9

Inside is a superb level of handcrafted quality. The entire cabin wears a coat of Obsidian Black leather with quilted stitching Piano Black trim, and a variety of other accessories. Customers can opt for a full interior redesign with a virtually limitless array of options from A Kahn Design as well.

The featured Kahn Aston Martin DB9 is currently for sale on the company’s website. In addition to the car, customers can purchase the “RU55 ELS’ number plate and others with the Aston Martin.

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Source: A Kahn Design

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