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A Kahn Design makes the Evoque Sharp and Sporty

A Kahn Design Range Rover Evoque RS250 2.2 RS Sport

RS Sport upgrade time!

The Range Rover Evoque is stylish and attractive in its own right with its modern styling and sleek profile. The team at A Kahn Design can turn up the sport and style real quick with their new Range Rover Evoque RS250 2.2 RS Sport upgrade program that has all the spoilers, trims, luxury fittings, and the perfect stance.

The transformation begins with the exterior of the Range Rover Evoque. Here, A Kahn Design installed the RS250 Sport package that lends a more aggressive look but conforms to the factory design language. The front fascia wears new LED daytime running lights integrated vertically into both fenders while a new grille with three-dimensional mesh and sump guard stare ahead. Extended wheel arches and side sills at both axles pair up perfectly with the piano black door handles, side vents, and mirrors as they contrast the Orkney Grey exterior paint.

A Kahn Design Range Rover Evoque RS250 2.2 RS Sport

The rear of the Range Rover Evoque RS250 Sport has an even more dynamic flair. The rear bumper features an integrated gloss black diffuser incorporating a centrally-mounted, dual twin-crosshair exhaust system with a matte black finish. Spoilers generate downforce and are worn on the roof and lower trunk while the tailgate gains a piano black trim. To finish things off on the body, ‘KAHN’ lettering is worn on the hood and tailgate while privacy glass hides occupants inside.

The diesel-powered Range Rover RS250 2.2 RS Sport by A Kahn Design may not be the quickest but it is certainly more nimble. The entire chassis is lowered by 20 mm thanks to a new set of springs and the wide wheel arches are filled with matte gun metal RS600 wheels measuring 8.5 x 20. The cherry on top is the liquid red-painted brake calipers that shine through.

A Kahn Design Range Rover Evoque RS250 2.2 RS Sport

Inside is the same attention-to-detail and luxury that customers have come to know and love from A Kahn Design. The Range Rover Evoque RS250 2.2 RS Sport was given a full set of perforated black leather seats with a matching perforated black leather glove box. A new diamond gear selector is surrounded by piano black while the center console fascia gains a carbon fiber finish. Drivers also benefit from new machined aluminum ventilated foot pedals as the final touch.

The new Range Rover Evoque RS250 2.2 RS Sport by A Kahn Design is currently available as a complete vehicle or as individual upgrades.

Range Rover Evoque RS250 2.2 RS Sport Specifications

-Integrated gloss black rear diffuser
-Central dual twin-cross-hair exhaust system in matte black
-Rear roof spoiler
-Rear lower trunk spoiler
-Piano black tailgate trim
-Privacy tinted windows
-LED daytime running lights
-Extended front and rear fenders
-Side skirts
-Piano black door handles, side vents, mirror trim
-New front grille with 3-D mesh
-New front sump guard
-‘KAHN’ hood and tailgate lettering

Wheels and Suspension:
Wheels: Kahn RS600 wheels
Wheel Finish: Matte Gunmetal
Wheel Size: 8.5 x 20
Suspension: Lowering springs; 20 mm reduced height

-Perforated black leather front and rear seats
-Perforated black leather glove box
-Diamond gear selector surround in piano black
-Center console fascia in carbon fiber
-Vented and machined aluminum foot pedals

Range Rover Evoque RS250 2.2 RS Sport Gallery

Source: A Kahn Design

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