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A Kahn Design Showcases the Land Rover Series I at Salute to Style

A Kahn Design Land Rover Series I Defender

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All automakers had to start somewhere. Some began with the help of other, established brands while others came up with humble beginnings inside of a garage. Land Rover is a perfect example of the former after World War II when materials were strictly limited and Rover had an idea to build a new utility vehicle.

The first vehicle that went into production with the Land Rover nameplate was termed the “Series I” Defender, a straightforward agricultural/utility vehicle that had a simple design and a new four-wheel drive system. Only 39,000 of the Series I were ever produced, and today they are looked at as the cars that started it all for Land Rover and are highly collectable.

A Kahn Design Land Rover Series I Defender

One of these had been sitting in a barn for 41 years, un-driven before it was found by Channel4’s ‘For the Love of Cars’ Phillip Glenister and Ant Anstead, then sold at auction to Afzal Kahn. Glenister and Anstead restored the Land Rover Series I, bringing its 1.6-liter gasoline engine, three-seat interior, canvas hood, and single windshield wiper back to life as an original Land Rover.

That same original model was on display from July 17th to 19th at the Hurlington Club in London as part of the Salute to Style show. The show exhibits design, creativity, and craftsmanship throughout the history of motoring, making this Land Rover Series I a perfect fit.

A Kahn Design also had their Land Rover Defender 90 – Chelsea Wide Track Edition and Range Rover 4.4 Autobiography RS-600 Performance Edition on display alongside the Land Rover Series I for the Salute to Style Show.

Land Rover Series I Gallery

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