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Kahn Issues Warning of QT Services and WILDCAT

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According to Afzal Kahn of A Kahn Design, Oliver and Ian Mitchell of QT Services have found themselves with a problem.

Their company, QT Services, has recently been put out of business for owing money, however the father-son duo are still trading under the WILDCAT name.

According to Kahn Design, the company that the Mitchells are currently operating under, Wildcat Automotive Limited, is rated as “Maximum Risk” by Experian.

The Mitchells have previously been directors of 20 other companies between them that have been dissolved or liquidated.

Kahn Design feels aggrieved by the actions of QT Services as the company currently has an active claim for damages against QT and had nothing but trouble from its dealings with QT/Wildcat and the Mitchells.

Afzal Kahn said: “Whether we now get our day in court to air our grievances remains to be seen”

Unfortunately, A Kahn Design along with other companies and creditors with similar claims will be left to deal with the liquidator in an effort to recoup what they can (if anything) from the liquidation.

“As a large company we can to some degree – ‘roll with the punches’ however it’s always the honest businessman that loses out disproportionately,” added Mr. Kahn

Mr. Kahn went on to say: “l look forward to dealing with the liquidator and I’m interested to know whether or not there have been any transfers of assets between QT Services Limited and Wildcat Automotive Limited prior to the liquidation.

“I would like to know whether or not Wildcat, in its current form, has risen from the ashes of QT or benefitted from its demise.

“This is a determination that only the liquidator can make, and frankly, only time will tell, but it is the smaller companies that I feel sorry for as their livelihoods are at stake.”

After receiving the liquidator’s report, the total debt is nearly £480k, including £148km owed to trade creditors, £25k to Barclays Bank and £27k to HMRC. Over £275k is claimed to be owed to the Mitchells personally or to their associated company, Wildcat Automotive Limited. The report also states that assets have been transferred from QT Services to its associated companies, Wildcat Parts Limited and Wildcat Automotive Limited.

Source: A Kahn Design


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