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The Kahn Vengeance Green Superhero is ready for the Big Screen

Kahn Vengeance Green Superhero

Hulksmash with style.

The team at Kahn Design is no stranger to having their vehicles featured in blockbuster films. Their work has starred in movies such as ‘The Edge of Tomorrow’ alongside Tom Cruise. Their latest work of automotive fashion is worthy of the same silver screen role and would look perfect next to a character like The Hulk. Even the name of the coach-built exotic — the Vengeance Green Superhero — shows that it’s destined for stardom.

Kahn Vengeance Green Superhero

It’s easy to see why the Kahn Vengeance Green Superhero would be a perfect fit in any Marvel film. The unique design of the coach-built grand touring sports car captures attention and reflects the incredible power of the super hero driving.

The Kahn Vengeance Green Superhero is a coach-built grand touring sports car built on the chassis of an Aston Martin DB9. The body is more dramatic and follows the vision of founder and CEO of Kahn Design, Afzal Kahn. The front fascia is comprised of a new bumper with a wide grille boasting vertical fins and large air intakes. A bulge proudly sits on the hood in a contrasting black and meshes with the character lines on the roof. Both the front and rear fenders have been extended to create a more muscular and athletic stance. These smooth lines flow right into the rear fascia where new lighting sits above the exotic quad cross-hair exhaust system.

Kahn Vengeance Green Superhero

Even the wheels have a detailed eye-catching design on the Kahn Vengeance Green Superhero. Their multi-spoke retro style was inspired by a roulette wheel with the different inner and outer rim and two-tone finish. Up front, there are 16 spokes while the rear boasts 18, visually displaying the powerful rear-wheel drive layout. Even the tires showcase this with 225 width tires being used up front and meaty 335 tires at the rear on the staggered 20 x 9.0 front and 21 x 12.0 rear wheels.

Kahn Vengeance Green Superhero

The hand-made, coach-built vehicle designed by Afzal Kahn blends a mix of old-school motoring with modern technology and performance.

“Inspired by the Aston Martin designs of the 1980s and 90s, the hand built Vengeance is a coach built two door coupe based on a new Aston Martin chassis,” said Kahn.

“Having loved and admired Aston Martin vehicles for many years, I decided to build the vehicle of my dreams and this beautifully proportioned, elegant vehicle is likely to prove a sound investment, and is expected to represent extremely good value for a limited edition coach built car.”

Kahn Vengeance Green Superhero

The entire Kahn Vengeance is hand-built by a small team of specially-trained craftsmen from start to finish just like a true vintage coach-built vehicle. For more information on the Kahn Vengeance, visit www.thevengeance.co.uk.

Kahn Vengeance Green Superhero Specifications

-9×20 Roulette in Diamond Cut on Piano Black Alloy Wheels (Front)
-12×21 Roulette in Diamond Cut on Piano Black Alloy Wheels (Rear)
-Vengeance Front Grille
-Sculpted Front Bumper in Lightweight Composite
-Sculpted Rear Bumper in Lightweight Composite
-Sculpted Side Skirts in Lightweight Composite
-Hammer Formed Aluminum Door with Bulge
-Hammer Formed Aluminum Bonnet with Power Bulge
-Hammer Formed Aluminum Roof with Bulge
-Hammer Formed Aluminum Front Wide Wings
-Hammer Formed Aluminum Rear Wide Body
-Hammer Formed Gilled Side Vents
-Aerodynamic Carbon Lower Bumper Splitter
-Sculpted Rear Bumper Diffuser in Visual Carbon
-Polished Stainless Steel Roof Halo
-DLO Trim
-Coupe Style Rear Quarter Light
-LED Roulette Style Tail Lights
-Stainless Steel Crosshair Exhaust Tailpipes
-Coach built by A. Kahn Wing Badge

-Hand Made Fluted Seats in Leather
-Centre Glove Box in Leather
-Roof Headlining in Leather
-Instrument Binnacle in Leather
-Transmission Tunnel in Leather
-Door Tops in Leather
-Door Cards in Piano Black
-Door Caps in Piano Black
-Centre Console in Piano Black
-Door Sill Plates in Leather

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Source: Kahn Design

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