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Ken Block Gears Up for the Castrol EDGE Titanium Strong Blackout

Gymkhana lasers

Mark your calendars for some laser donuts.

Ken Block has done some pretty crazy Gymkhana stunts and sped through some outrageous courses filled with obstacles that he somehow finds a way to maneuver around and overcome. His latest Gymkhana teams up with Castrol EDGE with a few other well-known and accomplished racing drivers for a dark and scary course.

Racing at night is a beautiful thing to watch as it has a somewhat peaceful and serene feel to it in contrast to the harsh battles of the daylight hours. The latest collaboration with Castrol EDGE looks like it will combine the darkness of night with the battles of daytime racing and have a club-like feel to it with pulsating laser beams illuminating small portions of the track.

Just like all of the Gymkhana films, this one looks to be quite entertaining. Mark down May 27th as the official release date too!



Source: Castrol

Are you excited for some Gymkhana with laser donuts?


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