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MEC Design Takes on the Ferrari 458 Italia and Spider

MEC Design Ferrari 458

Good things in all the right places.

Lots of aftermarket tuning companies like to go out of the way to make some incredible high-powered and in-your-face conversions for supercars to showcase their capabilities. Sometimes, this can get a little old which is why the Ferrari 458 Italia/Spider upgrade program and Scossa Rossa body kit from MEC Design is perfect for the supercar.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is an impressive machine with all the power you’ll ever need in a mid-engined Italian supercar. MEC Design didn’t try to throw in all sorts of extensive engine upgrades and instead just added on an “Apocalypse” sports exhaust system that unleashes the ferocious sound of the high-revving 4.5-liter V-8. To match many of the exterior trim pieces, each of the three tailpipes wear a matte black coating.

MEC Design Ferrari 458

The Ferrari 458 also gains some additional performance thanks to some suspension upgrades from MEC Design. The entire car rides 60 mm lower thanks to new lowering springs, resulting in an even better center of gravity heading into corners. Gripping the asphalt is a set of MEC Design meCCon CCd5 three-piece alloy wheels. The 9.5J x 21 front and 12.5J x 21 wheels wear 245- and 345-size tires, respectively and sport a special combination of gloss black lips with matte black centers and Ferrari yellow bolts.

In terms of styling, the Ferrari 458 was outfitted with some simple and straightforward goodies along with the Scossa Rossa body kit to optimize aerodynamics. The front fascia features a three-piece lip spoiler with integrated flics along each side to generate more downforce. A new pair of side skirts help redirect air as it runs towards the rear where a new three-piece diffuser sits. Many of these pieces are finished in a matte black while the Ferrari logos, lettering, door lock covers, and indicators wear a classic black finish.

MEC Design Ferrari 458

Inside, MEC Design gave the Ferrari 458’s cabin some sport-oriented modifications. A carbon fiber and leather steering wheel gives the driver greater control while a six-piece carbon fiber dashboard, three-piece console, and four piece door trim set instantly lends to a more athletic feel. New LED lights help to illuminate the cabin while dual-colored Ferrari scuff plates and floor mats greet driver and passenger as they enter the supercar.

The new MEC Design upgrade program is available for the Ferrari 458 Italia and Spider models. Each of the upgrades can be purchased as an entire package as with the Scossa Rossa body kit, or separately.

MEC Design Ferrari 458 Specifications

-Sports exhaust system, sound version “Apocalypse”
-Matte black coated exhaust tips

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: MEC Design meCCon CCd5 three-piece alloy wheels
Finish: Inner/outer lips in gloss black, matte black wheel centers, Ferrari yellow bolts
Front Wheels: 9.5J x 21
Rear Wheels: 12.5J x 21
Front Tires: 245
Rear Tires: 345
Suspension: MEC Design lowering suspension with lowering springs, 60 mm reduced ride height

-MEC Design Scossa Rossa body kit
-Three-piece front lip spoiler with integrated corners for front openings
-Side skirts
-Three-piece rear diffuser with underride protection
-Front bumper wings and inner parts matte black
-Ferrari logo/lettering in black
-Black door lock covers
-Black indicator lights

-Two-color Ferrari scuff plates
-Floor mats
-LED light sets
-Carbon fiber/leather sports steering wheel
-Six-piece carbon fiber dashboard
-Three-piece carbon fiber middle console
-Four-piece carbon fiber door set

MEC Design Ferrari 458 Gallery

Source: MEC Design

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