Let’s go Behind the Scenes and Hear the Ferrari LaFerrari – Video

The making of a beauty.

The Ferrari LaFerrari may have an odd name, but it has an incredible impact on today’s automotive world due to the incredible amount of technology poured into it from Maranello and its new hybrid powertrain. The LaFerrari is going to help change the automotive performance landscape in the future with its efficient performance.

Ferrari has released a behind-the-scenes video from the production of all of the press photos, videos, and more prior to its big Geneva Motor Show unveiling. It’s a lot more than just taking a few pictures and snapping on a GoPro camera; there’s a tremendous amount of effort, production and skill involved in making the hyper car look its best.

Plus, we also get to hear its exhaust note on the race track as an added bonus!

[Source: Ferrari]

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