Let’s Play Bumper Cars with Ferrari 458s!


This was a challenging turn in the Ferrari Challenge Series.

The Ferrari Challenge Series is a single-marquee racing series that is designed to give Ferrari owners the opportunity to drive racing variants of their cars on the track. The owners vs. owners series was expanded in the United States in 1994 and one of their latest races this season was at Circuit of the Americas.

Now, one of the things with the Ferrari Challenge Series is that even though you own a Ferrari, it oftentimes doesn’t make you a good driver. All the evidence that you need is in this video of Turn 11 at the Circuit of the Americas. One driver messes up and then you have a very expensive game of bumper cars on your hands.

Just because you own a Ferrari, doesn’t mean you can handle it at its limits.

Source: 5str YouTube Channel

How bad did this driver mess up?


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