The $10 Billion BMW i3 is a hybrid for the Every Man

This is before the tax incentive.

The BMW i3 is a new, innovative, and efficient vehicle for urban motoring. It uses an electric motor and lithium-ion battery to scoot around town without any emissions, silently. The i3 is ushering in a new generation of automobiles and while it’s supposed to be relatively affordable, some may not be able to afford its $10,000,000,000 price.

If you go to the ‘Build Your Own BMW i3 with Range Extender’ website, you’ll see that the i3 has a base MSRP of $9,999,999. With the Ionic Silver Metallic with BMW i Frozen Blue accent, Mega World, and Mega Carum Spice Grey Sensatec and Carum Spice Grey Cloth features, plus a $925 Destination and Handling Charge, the total MSRP as built becomes $10,000,000,924. With the $7,500 Federal Tax Incentive, the price drops down to $9,999,993,424.

$10 Billion BMW i3

That’s not bad for an all-electric car with 160 – 180 miles per charge range and 170 horsepower motor, right? Oh, and it comes with full 4 Years/50,000 Miles Warranty and 4 Years/50,000 Miles Maintenance program.

Blip of the throttle to Reddit user, alegitpenguin, for finding the glitch.

Source: Reddit, BMW

Does the $9,999,993,424 Price for the BMW i3 sound reasonable?


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