Let’s Speculate! The new Ferrari F12Berlinetta Spyder

Ferrari F12Berlinetta Spyder Rendering

We can’t wait for that top to come off.

The Ferrari F12Berlinetta just came out and awed the automotive community with its design, performance, and engineering. It’s simply beautiful. A 6.2-liter V-12 that sings a sweet Italian song, 730 horsepower, and unbelievable acceleration times puts it in a league of its own – literally. It’s the fastest and most powerful production car that Ferrari has ever made.

Now, we’re just waiting for Ferrari to start unveiling different variants of their new super car. Next in line is the F12Berlinetta Spyder, which was recently rendered by Evren Milano and featured on WorldCarFans. In the rendering, the F12Berlinetta Spyder wears new rear vents on the fenders behind each wheel, a contrasting rear trim piece, and new rear lower bodywork. Plus, there’s the retractable roof.

Now, we’re not sure if and when the official Ferrari F12Berlinetta Spyder will make its debut and what kind of convertible top it will use. It should feature the same 6.2-liter V-12 with 730 horsepower and acceleration will be up just a few ticks. We can also assure you that it will look magnificent; Ferrari would have to go out of its way to ruin this design.

Oh, and we almost forgot, Ferrari also released a new video detailing the construction and design that went into building the new F12Berlinetta coupe. We just can’t get enough of this super car…

Ferrari F12Berlinetta Video


[Source: Ferrari, WorldCarFans]

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