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The Safe and Secure, Bulletproof Rolls Royce Ghost by A Kahn Design

A Kahn Design Rolls Royce Ghost

Safety, security, and style.

The Rolls Royce Ghost is nothing short of stately. It exudes an air of confidence, power, and prestige. A Kahn Design, the British design house that has specialized in upgrading vehicles from their home country, have taken the Rolls Royce Ghost to a new level of refinement that is rarely ever touched by an aftermarket automotive company.

At first glance, the Kahn Rolls Royce Ghost is beautiful and distinctly British. A Kahn Design installed new clear side markers, headlight, window, and rear light surrounds, and an undercar lighting system for nighttime use. A special shadow line finish was added and gives the Ghost a modern and stylish appearance. The finishing touch is a set of unique Kahn wheels. New 9.5 x 22 Kahn Silver Mist wheels were chosen for the Ghost and given a diamond polish for an unmatched look. Each wheel also accommodates the Rolls Royce Ghost self-leveling center caps.

But there’s more to the new Kahn Rolls Royce than just an exterior styling package. Underneath the skin of the ultra-luxury British sedan are security measures that protect passengers. The team at A Kahn Design installed layers of armored plates underneath the bodywork of the Ghost, and were able to do so without modifying the exterior of the car. All of the windows can also be replaced with special bulletproof glass similar to glass used to protect government officials. One of the major advantages to the glass installed by A Kahn Design is that it is thinner and lighter but still offers significant protection and improved light transition to the interior.

The Kahn Rolls Royce can be outfitted to suit any customer’s desire. The British design house can replace the rear seats with a custom-tailored sofa bench that wears exclusive leather and stitching designs. The team will also install specific leather colors, trim pieces, entertainment options, and more to create a bespoke and secure automobile worthy of royalty.

The A Kahn Design Rolls Royce Ghost program including the security measures is currently available and is custom built and designed according to customer specifications. Pricing for the upgrades has not been released.

Kahn Bulletproof Rolls Royce Ghost Specifications

-Exclusive shadow line finish
-Clear side markers
-Undercar lighting
-headlight, window, and rear light surrounds
-Armored layers under body panels
-Lightweight and thin bulletproof glass
-9.5 x 22 Kahn Silver Mist Rolls Royce Wheels with diamond polish and original Rolls Royce center-caps

-Custom tailored seating
-Custom leather/alcantara/stitching
-Custom trim
-Entertainment upgrades

Kahn Bulletproof Rolls Royce Ghost Gallery

[Source: A Kahn Design]

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