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Liberty Walk Exotic Car Culture – Video

Redefining car customization.

In 1993, Liberty Walk was founded by Kato-san in Japan as a place where automotive culture is redefined. The company has since grown and focuses on creating custom body kits for Lamborghini, Chrysler, and even Suzuki models. Liberty Walk also specializes in the LamborMini, a miniature Lamborghini model, for customers. In addition to pushing the limits of style and performance, Liberty Walk also sells high-end exotic super cars.

Luke Huxham of Miaham Media recently sat down and documented the inspiration and passion behind Kato-san and Liberty Walk. The documentary is split into two parts and features everything from Kato-san’s personal car collection to the reason why he chose to work on Lamborghini models.

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Liberty Walk Video

[Source: Luke Huxham and Maiham Media]

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