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Liberty Walk makes the McLaren 650S a Woking Widebody Wonder

Liberty Walk McLaren 650S

Love it or hate it, this McLaren is turning heads.

Liberty Walk has been pumping out custom-tailored widebody aero kits for sports cars and super cars at will lately. While they may be polarizing, they completely transform the look and style of their respective vehicles. The latest to get the full widebody treatment is the McLaren 650S – a true high-performance exotic with already dramatic looks.

The Liberty Walk McLaren 650S widebody kit adds a serious presence to the super car by giving it a commanding and confident look from front to back, and everything in between. Customers can choose from a fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) or carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) construction with an optional extra dry carbon fiber wing at the rear.

Liberty Walk McLaren 650S

The transformation begins up front for the McLaren 650S. Here, Liberty Walk adds on a new front bumper with diffuser combo that creates a wide, low look and seamlessly meshes into the flared front fenders with exposed hardware. Connecting these to the flared rear fenders are side skirts that continue the low theme. At the rear of the exotic sits a new bumper with diffuser that offers up a cleaner look between the taillights and exhaust outlets. Sitting atop the rear spoiler is a new rear wing that can be had in dry carbon if owners so choose.

The new Liberty Walk McLaren 650S widebody aerodynamic kit is available for £26,150 in FRP or £29,150 in CFRP. The kit will be released in mid-September, however the UK branch is already accepting pre-orders for the new kit.

Liberty Walk McLaren 650S Widebody Kit Specifications

FRP Kit:
LB Works 650S complete body kit – £26,150.00
LB Front bumper and front diffuser– £5,000
LB Side diffuser – £3,460.00
LB Rear bumper – £4,230.00
LB Rear diffuser – £2,300.00
LB Rear wing – £5,000.00

LB Works 650S Complete Bodykit – £29,150.00
LB Works 650S Complete Bodykit + dry carbon wing – £32,600.00
LB Front bumper and front diffuser– £5,770.00
LB Side diffuser – £4,230.00
LB Rear diffuser – £3,070.00
LB Rear wing – £5,770.00
LB Rear Wing Dry Carbon – £9,130.00

Source: Liberty Walk

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