Light up those Tires with the HGK BMW F22 Eurofighter!

RAW F22 Eurofighter Drift

Time to do some drifting!

If you’re looking for an absolute monster of a BMW M2 to do some serious drifting, then look no further than the F22 Eurofighter. This custom-tailored sports car has been heavily modified inside and out for drifting by HGK Motorsport and it’s utterly insane.

RAW F22 Eurofighter Drift

At the heart of this monster isn’t the same twin-turbocharged inline-six that you’d expect to find in a “normal” BMW M2. Instead, the F22 Eurofighter is packing a Mast Motorsports hand-built 820-horsepower LS V-8 engine that’s paired up to a Samsonas five-speed sequential gearbox and Winters differential. This hardcore motor is surrounded by custom Kevlar bodywork inspired my European military aircraft and a bare-bones interior.

After all the upgrades, this beast was unleashed on some winding roads and laid down some serious rubber on camera. The run ended with the F22 Eurofighter eating up a bit of dirt, but not before it made a powerful impression.

Source: robyworks YouTube

Do you think you could handle the 820-HP HGK Motorsport F22 Eurofighter?


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