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Listen to 50 Supercars accelerate onto the M6 in all their Glory!

Just set this video to repeat for the rest of your life.

If you just happened to be driving on the M6 in the UK last summer during the M6 Toll Supercar Charity Event, you were lucky. Very lucky. So lucky in fact, that you were treated to 50 supercars just speeding down the road letting their engines spit out power.

Luckily for us, somebody set up a camera right by the onramp to the M6 and was able to capture all of the supercars opening it up as they merged onto the highway. Almost every kind of sports- or supercar was there and provided some exciting bits of exhaust notes as they easily got up to speed on the M6.

[Source: TheSuperCarDriver YouTube]

Which supercar was your favorite in this video?


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