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Listen to how Loud the Brakes are on a McLaren 650S!

McLaren Brake Squeal

Grab attention with looks and some serious brake squeal!

The McLaren 650S is at the forefront of the super car game. It has the latest technology, advanced lightweight materials, and innovative engineering that make it one of the best exotics in the world. There’s only one problem – the brakes are really freaking loud!

McLaren Brake Squeal

We’re not talking a little high-pitched noise here and there; the McLaren 650S has brakes that squeal loud enough pierce eardrums. The culprit is the carbon ceramic construction of the brakes. While these offer superb stopping power and reduce weight at the wheel hub for better overall performance, they do have a very annoying side effect.

Take a look at just how aggravating they can be with the.leviathan’s newest video. No need to turn up the volume either!

Source: the.leviathan

Would you get tired of hearing brakes squeal this loud if you drove a McLaren 650S?


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