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The London Taxi Company is searching for a ‘Last of Line’ series Designer

London Taxi Company

Saying goodbye to the TX4.

There are two kinds of iconic taxis in the world: the yellow Ford Crown Victorias that once roamed the streets of New York City and the classy black cabs of London. Like the Fords that had become a part of New York City’s landscape, the TX4s built by the London Taxi Company (LTC) have been the go-to cars for transportation in the capital city for years.

London Taxi Company

With the rising costs of fuel and the desire for a cleaner future, LTC has announced that it will be ending the production of the diesel TX4 cabs roaming the streets today in place of a range extended electric cab. The company has invested £325m towards the new vehicle’s development and announced that it will be ending the TX4’s production with a run-out edition of 300 Limited Edition taxis. With so many collectors and businesses looking for an ultra-luxury model to add to their fleets, LTC has begun looking for a designer to create and build the limited run of black cabs.

Since the news was announced, Motoring Exposure understands that Kahn Design is very keen to work with the historic project, and is planning to submit a tender for the limited run of vehicles.

In the coming weeks, LTC is expected to announce their choice of designer that will build a vehicle tailored to each individual owner and their requirements.

In anticipation of the LTC’s decision, Afzal Kahn is said to be the favorite to land the contract. Should Kahn Design be picked for the ‘Last of Line’ vehicles, it will be a great coupe for the company and group CEO, Afzal Kahn.

Afzal Kahn

After all, Kahn Design has been investing in British industry for years and custom tailoring their vehicles to their customer’s exact specifications. That business model fits right in line what LTC is searching for with their iconic TX4 ‘Last of Line’ models.

Stay tuned!

Do you think that Kahn Design should be a favorite for the London Taxi Company’s ‘Last of Line’ models?


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