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The Lumma Design Range Rover CLR R GT Evo is Beefy

Lumma Design CLR R GT Evo Range Rover

Adding another kit to the family.

Lumma Design has quite the portfolio when it comes to the Range Rover model lineup. There’s the CLR R, CLR SR, and CLR RS that all add a special custom touch to the luxury off-road SUVs. Now, there’s the Lumma Design CLR R GT Evo conversion that is the biggest and baddest yet.

The new Lumma Design CLR R GT Evo sports the widest and most imposing level of aerodynamics and body work that the German tuning company has offered for the Range Rover lineup. Up front sits an imposing front bumper with large air inlets and their horizontal slats. Here, Lumma Design has also integrated two sets of LED daytime running lights on either side of the air inlets while a spoiler sword sits front and center. A new sport grille stares ahead while a new carbon fiber hood with air extraction vents helps keep the engine bay cool, calm, and collected.

Lumma Design CLR R GT Evo Range Rover

One of the other eye-catching aspects of the new Lumma Design CLR R GT Evo is the extended front and rear fenders. These brawny extensions give the SUV a powerful and dominating look that perfectly complements the more commanding front fascia. New door attachments and air inlets are integrated into the design of the flared wheel arches and help them mesh into the Range Rover’s factory design.

At the rear, the Range Rover was given a new, more dynamic bumper with an integrated diffuser setup. Three high-gloss 100 mm tailpipes protrude from this bodywork and let out a more menacing growl, no matter what engine hides beneath the hood. A new spoiler lip and roof edge spoiler also help to add a touch of sport with the CLR R GT Evo kit and a bit of downforce.

Filling in those wide fenders is no easy task, but Lumma Design’s CLR Racing wheels proved to be the perfect fit. The concave, five twin-spoke wheels have a 1,000-kg maximum load and wear special polished front that was made using a unique finishing process that appears as a black/smoked color at closer vantage points. For the Range Rovers with the CLR R GT Evo kit, the wheels are installed in a 12.0 x 22 fitment with 305/35 R22 Vredestein tires while standard Range Rover models can be fitted with the same wheels in a 10.0 x 22 fitment.

Lumma Design CLR R GT Evo Range Rover

Inside, the Lumma Design CLR R GT Evo Range Rovers can be equipped with a fully custom-tailored interior. Special door blinds with the Lumma coat of arms logo hide the cabin from prying eyes. New aluminum foot pedals with rubber tabs to prevent slipping aid drivers while leather-faced floor mats add a greater touch of luxury for passengers.

The new Lumma Design CLR R GT Evo Range Rover is currently available as a full conversion kit or as individual accessories. Pricing for the full kit has not been released. Customers also have the ability to completely redesign their Range Rover’s interior.

Lumma Design CLR R GT Evo Range Rover Specifications

-Front spoiler bumper with double daylight driving lights in LED and central spoiler sword
-Sport front grille with diamond-shape grid
-Sport look motor cowl (full carbon) with ventilation openings
-Rear apron bumper with diffuser
-Mudguard widening set with door attachments and integrated air inlets
-Roof edge spoiler
-Rear spoiler lip in unobtrusive design
-Lumma CLR Racing wheels; 12.0 x 22
-Vredestein tires, size 305/35R22
-Sport end muffler, central (3x 100 mm) w/ sport sound

-Door blinds with integrated Lumma coat of arms logo
-Leather-faced floor mats
-Aluminum foot pedals with rubber slip guards

Lumma Design CLR R GT Evo Range Rover Gallery

Source: Lumma Design

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