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M&D Exclusive Cardesign Goes Big with the BMW 650i Coupe

M&D Exclusive Cardesign BMW 650i

Dropping the hammer with the widebody.

The BMW M6 may be the top dog in the 6-Series lineup, but M&D Exclusive Cardesign is giving owners of the 650i Coupe (F13) a chance to steal the show. They’ve equipped the V-8-powered coupe with a new Prior Design widebody kit, some good old fashioned tuning, and a sportier suspension that makes it quite the eye-catcher on the streets compared to its M6 sibling.

M&D Exclusive Cardesign BMW 650i

The twin-turbocharged, 4.4-liter V-8 engine packed beneath the BMW 650i’s hood was given a full ECU optimization tune by M&D Exclusive Cardesign to generate a considerable amount of extra power. The factory 443 horsepower and 479 lb-ft. of torque output grows to 503 horsepower (510 PS) and 553 lb-ft. with the tune while also gaining a special racing red, deep black, and white painted engine cover. A new sport exhaust system with X-pipe and dual black-chrome-plated tailpipes cut in a diagonal, 80 mm design protrude from the rear bumper and emit a powerful rumble.

To show off the new power, the BMW 650i was equipped with a full Prior Design PD6XX widebody kit by M&D Exclusive Cardesign. The front fascia boasts a new bumper with lateral flaps and a spoiler sword for added downforce. The front BMW badge was also removed and the M6’s dual kidney grille with ‘M6’ logo were added for a more dynamic look. Atop the engine sits a new hood with three vents to help keep things cool underneath.

M&D Exclusive Cardesign BMW 650i

The Prior Design PDXX aerodynamic kit is highlighted by the flared front and rear fenders that instantly add muscle to the BMW 650i Coupe. These massive extensions feature integrated air vents and are connected by new side skirts with diffusers for better overall aerodynamics. At the rear sits a large bumper with diffuse and flap spoiler. M&D Exclusive Cardesign painted the entire body in mineral white metallic while parts such as the front spoiler lip, diffuser, roof, rear spoiler, and more were painted in gloss black to draw attention to their aggressive nature.

Even though the wheel arches are gigantic, M&D Exclusive Cardesign was able to find a set of Rennen Forged lightweight three-piece wheels to seamlessly fit inside. The Rennen Forged R-55 forged wheels were installed in a staggered 10.0 x 21 front and 11.5 x 21 rear fitment with a special matte gold face, gloss gold outer barrel, and high-gloss black screws to showcase the stunning stance. For added grip, the forged wheels were given 255/30 R21 front and 295/25 R21 rear Continental Sport Contact 5 tires. The gold finish is also contrasted by individually-painted red brake calipers with the M logo, hinting at the car’s performance capabilities. The finishing touch for the new fitment is a set of sport springs that drop the ride height down to seamlessly mesh with the flared fenders.

M&D Exclusive Cardesign BMW 650i

Inside, the M&D Exclusive Cardesign team gave the BMW 650i Coupe a more sport-oriented cockpit. To start things off the BMW M-tech steering wheel was given more padding and covered with perforated nappa leather for better control. The steering wheel bracket and rockers were painted in a contrasting red along with other parts such as the door openers and start/stop button on the dashboard. All of the trim pieces were painted glossy black and matched up with a sporty red stripe.

The new M&D Exclusive Cardesign BMW 650i Coupe with Prior Design PD6XX body kit is currently available as an entire conversion or with individual parts. Pricing for the kit has not been released.

M&D Exclusive Cardesign BMW 650i Coupe Specifications

Displacement: 4.4 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Twin turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 503 / 510 PS
Maximum Torque: 553 lb-ft. / 750 Nm
-ECU tune
-Sport exhaust system with 80 mm tailpipes
-Racing red, deep black, and white engine cover

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: Rennen Forged three-piece R-55
Wheel Finish: Matte gold stars, Glossy Gold outer barrel, High-Gloss Black screws
Front Wheels: 10.0 x 21
Rear Wheels: 11.5 x 21
Tires: Continental Sport Contact 5
Front Tires: 255/30 R21
Rear Tires: 295/25 R21
Suspension: Sport springs

-Prior Design PD6XX widebody kit
-Front bumper with lateral flaps and spoiler sword
-Ventilated hood
-Extended front and rear fenders with integrated air outlets
-Side skirts with diffusors
-Rear bumper with integrated diffuser
-Rear spoiler

-Modified BMW M-technology leather steering wheel
-Red painted steering wheel bracket
-Red painted start-stop button
-Red painted door openers
-Gloss black decorative strips with red stripe

M&D Exclusive Cardesign BMW 650i Coupe Gallery

Source: M&D Exclusive Cardesign

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