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Lust after this R32 Skyline GT-R as the Owner says ‘Goodbye’

R32 Skyline GT-R Custom

Godzilla is looking for a new owner.

With a project car, you have a certain attachment that is hard to replicate. You’ve poured hours of time and effort into building a vision along with boatloads of money. The end result is something that you can be proud of and gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

R32 Skyline GT-R Custom

So when this owner finally decided to put his R32 1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R up for sale, Ron Gold decided to make a quick 90-second video to remember it by.

Armed with an R34-series RB26DETT with Twin GT2860-5 turbochargers, producing 420 horsepower at the Enkei NT03 wheels, this Skyline can really fly. The entire car is also wearing Gunmetal Grey paint from the R35 GT-R as an added bonus.

But the best part of the send-off was the wicked burnout – as if there was any other way.

Source: Ron Gold YouTube

Would you want to buy and drive this custom R32 Nissan GT-R?


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