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Friday FAIL: Instant Lung Cancer

Friday FAIL Smog Man

This guy is utterly exhausted.

We’ve seen some stupid things on ‘Friday FAIL’, but this one is pretty bad and very unhealthy. You see, there’s reasons that there are emissions regulations and cars have things like catalytic converters. It helps to prevent harmful and toxic gasses from entering the atmosphere that can be dangerous to the environment and our health as human beings.

Friday FAIL Smog Man

So, this act of extreme exhaustion is not only really funny, but it’s not safe and you should not do it, ever.

This Eastern-European or Russian crew jacked up a car and one of them slid behind the car by the exhaust. He then took a bunch of rags and clogged up the exhaust pipe as his friend revved the engine. He quickly pulled the rags away with his face in front of the exhaust pipe, and was hit with a cloud of smog that covered his face in black soot.

It unquestionably funny, but likely the equivalent of smoking 20 packs of cigarettes all at once.

Source: Sam10000 YouTube

How stupid yet funny is this utterly exhausted man?


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