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Magnus Walker and Sung Kang Swap Cars and it’s Amazing

Magnus Walker and Sung Kang Car Swap

Two enthusiasts enjoying each other’s work.

Magnus Walker is a legend in the Porsche scene thanks to his customized air-cooled cars that are built with his personal touch. The most notable of them is easily the ‘277’ with its red, white, and blue body and howling flat-six.

Magnus Walker and Sung Kang Car Swap

Sung Kang is a little less-known but the actor from the ’Fast & Furious’ film franchise is an enthusiast with the same passion as Walker. His 1972 Datsun 240Z nicknamed ‘FuguZ’ is a custom-tailored Japanese sports car built with the same passionate DNA as Walker’s ‘277’.

While the 911 and 240Z might’ve been rivals decades ago, these two cars have very similar characters and were built by men with the goal of crafting unique machines that ignite a love for driving.

Walker and Kang met at the Angeles Crest Highway in California and swapped cars as they weaved through the winding canyon curves, enjoying the fruit of one another’s labor.

Source: eGarage

Would you want to drive the ‘277’ Porsche 911 or the ‘#FuguZ’ Datsun 240Z?


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