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Mahk is Cutting Jobs for the Holidays and giving a GM Family Discount!

Mahk Chevrolet Employee Discount

Closing plants and cutting prices!

Some of the biggest news to come from Detroit this month has been centered on General Motors and their decision to cut up to 14,800 jobs and close a number of factories in the United States and Canada in an attempt to save money and reinvest it in electric and self-driving vehicles. While the automaker has promised to transfer a few thousand of those jobs to different factories, the impact is still being felt across the country.

Mahk Chevrolet Employee Discount

Thankfully, our friend, Mahk, is here to showcase just what kind of assholes General Motors executives look like as they announce all of these layoffs during the holiday season.

Dressed as a General Motors executive, Mahk goes around handing out pink slips to employees in Chevrolet’s new employee discount holiday commercial. The ad stars “real” employees and their families being told they no longer work for General Motors to really drive the selfish, penny-pinching point home to viewers.

Thankfully, these newly-unemployed people and their families will be able to benefit from the new Chevrolet Employee Discount offer as they struggle to keep up with their mortgage, car payments, and other bills.

Enjoy paying for that new Chevy with no job, folks!

Source: Zebra Corner

How great is this pink-slip Chevrolet Employee Discount commercial starring Mahk, the GM Executive?


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