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Man, you had ONE JOB with this Ford Mustang!

Ford Mustang Driven off Trailer

At least it didn’t hit any crowds though, right?

The legend of the Ford Mustang’s untamed nature grows with each passing day and each accident. The latest might not have resulted in anyone being injured (thankfully), but is just another addition to the long list of head-scratching moments we’ve seen for the American muscle car.

Ford Mustang Driven off Trailer

While driving a car up two ramps and into a trailer, the guy behind the wheel of this classic Ford Mustang managed to lose control and drive it off the ramps, ending up halfway in. There’s likely some damage here as a result of this mishap, and we’re just left wondering if it’s the car or the driver who’s at fault here.

The driver has probably loaded hundreds of cars onto this trailer in the same manner, but the wild character of the Mustang might’ve been at fault too. It appears as though the driver gave was too hard on the throttle, causing the rear wheels to spin and lose traction on the metal ramps and go sideways.

Either way, that’ll be a fun repair bill.

Source: Gregory Blaisdell YouTube

How mad would you be if a driver did this to your Ford Mustang while loading it onto a trailer?


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