Watch these Lamborghinis Drift, Slide, Crash, and Have Fun in the Snow!

Lamborghini Winter Accademia

Just having a good time!

Driving in the snow isn’t exactly easy, even if you have all-wheel drive. Depending on what kind of snow and how compact it is, along with numerous other factors, it can be very, very slippery. At the Lamborghini Winter Accademia in Livigno they not only teach you how to drive your all-wheel drive Lamborghini in the snow, but how to have fun doing it as well.

Lamborghini Winter Accademia

The only problem is that even with sticky snow tires and all-wheel drive, these high-performance machines are prone to slipping and sliding into snow banks. The drivers sped around the course sliding, drifting, and having a grand ol’ time. A few of them even crashed into snow banks and got stuck, but thankfully there was always a team there to get them out of trouble and on with their snow-sliding day.

Now we just have to set up a course for some rally-style snow drifting!

Source: NM2255 Car HD Videos YouTube

Do you think you would crash your Lamborghini while trying to drift in this snow course?


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