McLaren Celebrates 50 Years – Courage

Celebrating Bruce.

2013 marks the 50th Anniversary for McLaren, and to celebrate the history of the company, the British automaker is taking a look back on the talented man that started it all – Bruce Leslie McLaren.

A three-part video series has been created and directed by Marcus Söderlund, the Swedish Director, the first of which follows the ghost of Bruce McLaren as he revisits his steps towards the crash of his CanAm M8D at Goodwood Circuit that claimed his life in 1970 at the age of 32.

McLaren was an incredibly talented and intelligent man, who had a bright future ahead of him and inspired many. Before he passed away, he had written a famous line in reference to his teammate, Timmy Mayer’s death, “…What might be seen as a tragic end was in fact a beginning. As I always said, to do something well is so worthwhile that to die trying to do it better cannot be foolhardy. Indeed, life is not measured in years alone but in achievement…”

[Source: McLaren]

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