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A McLaren is so Exotic that People Have No Idea what it is

McLaren 650S Spider Name Reaction

It’s a FerrariMercedesLexusCorvetteP1, clearly.

For non-car enthusiast, identifying vehicles isn’t an easy thing. That’s especially the case when it comes to exotics because everything is usually a Ferrari or “Lambo”. Just ask the.leviathan, who has encountered so many odd reactions that he made a video out of them all.

McLaren 650S Spider Name Reaction

When driving around Toronto in his McLaren 650S Spider, the.leviathan gets asked what kind of car he’s driving on almost a daily basis. The McLaren name isn’t as big as others in the industry, so you can’t expect everyone to know what kind of car it is, is a reach. But when you repeatedly tell the same person that it’s a McLaren is becomes frustratingly funny.

Throughout the course of the video, many people ask and get the name wrong, but only two get it right: a police officer and a gas station employee.

Source: the.leviathan

Are you surprised that people have no idea what a McLaren is after watching this reaction video?


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