McLaren limits the new 675LT to Just 500 Units

McLaren 675LT

The lightest, fastest, and most powerful in the Super Series.

The new McLaren 675LT might be a bit overshadowed by the P1 hybrid hypercar, but it’s definitely leaving its mark on the track. The new McLaren 675LT “Longtail” is the fastest, most powerful, and lightest model in the McLaren Super Series and also the most exclusive with production being limited to just 500 units worldwide.

McLaren 675LT

The new 675LT is focused on one thing: optimum performance. A third of the parts and components have been modified and upgraded compared to the rest of the McLaren Super Series. At the heart is the lightweight carbon fiber MonoCell chassis and potent mid-engined 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8 engine. That’s surrounded by widened front and rear tracks, a lightweight and honed suspension, optimized aerodynamics, and retuned gearbox that ensures maximum driver engagement and performance.

McLaren 675LT

The McLaren 675LT draws much of its inspiration from the 1997 F1 GTR “Longtail” such as the new front and rear tracks that have been extended by 20 mm. The new lightweight springs have been stiffened by 27-percent at the front and 63-percent at the rear that accommodates the 40-percent of additional downforce generated by the new aerodynamics. The suspension of the McLaren 675LT also utilizes lightweight uprights and wishbones loosely based on the McLaren P1. A new, faster steering rack adds further engagement for an incredible driving experience.

The potent 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8 mounted behind the cockpit of the McLaren 675LT is mated to a seven-speed SSG transmission with Normal, Sport, and Track modes. These modes were all reprogrammed to provide better overall performance, increased throttle response, and gearshifts that are twice as fast as previous models. McLaren took a page from their Formula 1 book of success and developed an ‘Ignition Cut’ technology that quickly cuts the fuel spark during a gearshift to make for a faster change. One of the benefits to this besides the faster shift time is a loud ‘crack’ from the unburnt fuel on upshifts and downshits. The all-new Electronic Stability Control (ESC) was also reprogrammed for greater brake and throttle thresholds.

McLaren 675LT

Much of what makes the McLaren 675LT so engaging and nimble is the incredibly low overall weight. The mid-engined supercar weighs in at just 2,712 lbs., making it the lightest model available in the McLaren Super Series by more than 220 lbs. McLaren even went as far as to install a thinner front and rear windshields, and replace the engine cover with a polycarbonate unit to save an additional 10 lbs.

McLaren 675LT

As an option, customers can opt for a McLaren Club Sport pack with the 675LT. The option package adds on a new titanium roll hoop with four-point harness and a fire extinguisher for the track nuts out there.

The new McLaren 675LT will be strictly limited to just 500 units worldwide with prices starting from £259,500 at all McLaren Retailers. Deliveries will begin in July of 2015.

McLaren 675LT Gallery

Source: McLaren

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