McLaren Previews the new 675LT ‘Longtail’ Before Geneva

McLaren 675LT

Bringing back the iconic name.

Longtail. The nickname brings up visualizations of the iconic F1 “Longtail” models that were developed to generate maximum downforce and optimize aerodynamics to their fullest capacity. The elongated bodywork of the McLaren F1 GTR for the 1997 season quickly garnered the “Longtail” nickname and continued to showcase its dominance at circuits around the globe during its reign.

The iconic designation is making a return to the British sportscar maker. At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the new McLaren 675LT road-legal supercar will bring that same Longtail approach to driving performance to the new McLaren Super Series model line that sits above the Sports Series.

The new McLaren 675LT will join the 650S and the Asian-market 625C as the new McLaren Super Series range.

Just like its siblings, the “675” model number designates the power output in PS that the engine will produce, equating to a hellish 666 horsepower. This means that the newest coupe will be the most powerful model in the Super Series lineup. Everything from power, weight, and especially aerodynamics have been optimized, especially with the newly-lengthened body.

The new McLAren 675LT will make its global debut alongside the production-intent McLaren P1 GTR at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. As of now, the 675LT is planned on being offered as a coupe only with deliveries starting later in 2015. The official specifications and figures will be announced prior to the Geneva Motor Show.

Source: McLaren

Will the new McLaren 675LT live up to the legendary “Longtail” name?


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