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M&D Exclusive Cardesign Turns the Audi S7 into an MD700 World Beater

M&D Exclusive Cardesign Audi S7 MD700

Because who needs the RS 7?

When it comes to style, the Audi A7 has the four-door coupe market down. It’s sleek profile, clean shape, and modern design makes it a favorite for those looking for the perfect blend of sport, style, and capability. The RS 7 might be the top dog in the lineup, but M&D Exclusive Cardesign doesn’t care, as they’ve transformed the S7 into a world-beater with the S7 MD700 program.

M&D Exclusive Cardesign Audi S7 MD700

The new M&D Exclusive Cardesign Audi S7 MD700 gets its supercar-topping power from its twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine. The 4.0 TFSI has less output than the RS 7 in stock form, but after M&D added on a new air intake setup; new turbochargers; an ECU tune; and sport exhaust system with bigger downpipes, HJS high-flow catalytic converters, and RS 7 tailpipes, output rises by 280 horsepower. That’s good enough for a total output of 700 horsepower and 701 lb-ft. of torque, which bests many super cars out there.

M&D Exclusive Cardesign Audi S7 MD700

Visually displaying that power is the job of the commanding Prior Design PD700R Widebody kit from Prior Design. The M&D Audi S7 MD700 wears the entire kit proudly, starting with the new front bumper with integrated air intakes and spoiler lip, side skirts, and rear bumper with powerful diffuser. But the biggest eye-catchers are the flared fenders that give the S7 MD700 into a commanding machine.

M&D Exclusive Cardesign Audi S7 MD700

Being that this Audi S7 is a 2013-model-year vehicle, M&D decided to install some factory facelifted styling changes. New OEM LED taillights and a gloss black RS 7 front grille add to the car’s dominance. Gloss black air scoops, Audi ring logo, and door mirror caps were also given a gloss black finish. A vibrant Glacier White Metallic pearl effect paint covers the entire body as the base, while a new LeMans Style vinyl wrap with red, black, and grey shapes gives the MD700 a head-turning presence. Tinted windows finish it off.

To complete the styling, the Audi S7 MD700 was given a set of Rennen Forged R60 X-Concave alloy wheels. These step-lip, deep concave wheels measure a wide 10.5 x 21 at the front and rear and are shod in 265/30 ZR21 Continental sport tires for a boost in grip. Each of the multi-piece wheels sport a matte black finish on the spokes while the barrels and screw flanges wear a contrasting gloss black finish.

M&D Exclusive Cardesign Audi S7 MD700

While M&D Exclsuive Cardesign focused most of their efforts on the exterior and engine, the cockpit also got a few updates as well. Facing the driver is a new RS 7 sports steering wheel for better grip and control. The infotainment system also got an update that allows passengers to watch TV during trips and also access hidden menus.

The new M&D Exclusive Cardesign Audi S7 MD700 is available as a complete car for those willing to drive a 700-horsepower, widebody monster. If not, M&D Exclusive Cardesign also offers all the featured upgrades for the Audi A7 model line as well.

M&D Exclusive Cardesign Audi S7 MD700 Specifications

Displacement: 4.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Twin-turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 700
Maximum Torque: 700.6 lb-ft. / 950 Nm
-ECU tune
-Sports exhaust system with HJS high-flow catalytic converters, larger downpipes, RS 7 tailpipes.
-Air intake path optimization
-Turbocharger upgrades

Wheels and Tires:
Wheels: Rennen Forged R60 X-Concave multi-piece alloys
Wheel Finish: Matte Black spokes, Gloss Black barrels and screw fixing flanges

-Prior Design PD700R widebody kit
-Updated OEM taillights
-OEM RS 7 radiator grille in gloss black
-Gloss black air scoops, ring logos, door mirror caps
-LeMans Style vinyl wrap
-Tinted windows

-Audi RS 7 sport steering wheel
-Infotainment update

M&D Exclusive Cardesign Audi S7 MD700 Gallery

Source: M&D Exclusive Cardesign

Is the 700-HP M&D Exclusive Cardesign Audi S7 MD700 the ultimate four-door sport coupe?


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