It’s time for some Canadian Snow Drifting!

Daily Driven Exotics Snow Drifting

You can still have fun in the winter.

Winter is usually a time when race tracks shut down and close up. It’s simply impossible to race in the cold, wet, snowy, and icy conditions – although it would be very interesting (and unsafe). The team at DailyDrivenExotics thought that it was the perfect opportunity to have some fun, so they went to the Autodrome in Saint-Eustache, Quebec for some super car fun.

Daily Driven Exotics Snow Drifting

The snowy, cold track was made into a drift circuit with Luc Gosselin in his Audi R8 and a few friends. Both the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo used their all-wheel drive to slice through the snow and go sideways throughout the winding track. They also did a few donuts because why the hell not, right?

Just because white stuff is falling from the sky, doesn’t mean that you cannot have some serious fun!

Source: DailyDrivenExotics YouTube

Would you like to drift in the snow on an empty race track?


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