The new Ferrari SP275 rw competizione is a One-Off Classic

Ferrari SP 275 rw competizione

An F12 with some iconic flair.

The Ferrari F12Berlinetta and F12tdf are the modern-day V-12 icons of high-performance motoring. While the V-12 is slowly dying thanks to fuel economy standards and turbocharging, the F12 models carry on the Prancing Horse’s 12-cylinder tradition that goes back decades. The latest one-off piece of automotive artwork, the Ferrari SP 275 rw competizione, recalls the classic 275 GTB with a modern twist.

Based on the chassis of the F12Berlinetta and using the 769-horsepower V-12 engine and gearbox from the F12tdf, the new SP 275 rw competizione is a one-off designed by Pininfarina and the Ferrari Styling Center.

Much of the design of the Ferrari SP 275 rw competizione comes from one of the most well-known and memorable front-engined V-12s from the 1960s – the 275 GTB. The curvaceous, focused shape of the classic and prominent ventilation blended beauty with function. That same theme carried over to the SP 275 rw competizione with its muscular and powerful stance, wider track, and smooth surfaces.

Ferrari SP 275 rw competizione

The slimmer Ferrari grille with horizontal bars creates a low, wide shape up front while thin vertical headlights sweep backwards into the fenders that flank a clean hood bulge that hints at the incredible power beneath.

As the lines curve over the front fenders, the eyes (and air) meet four angled vents reminiscent of the 275 GTB. New triple louvres are featured on the three-quarter panel and matches those found on the rear bumper. The bumper vents, along with the nolder on the tail and milled aluminum fuel filler cap recall the 275 GTB (chassis No. 06885) that won the GT category at the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans. The yellow that the Ecurie Francorchamps team used is also used on the new Ferrari SP 275 rw competizione as a tribute. Bespoke 20-inch forged wheels complete the visual transformation and complement the vents and louvres on the body.

If you’re really keen on the retro styling of the Ferrari SP 275 rw competizione and have loads of cash burning a hole in your pocket, too bad. This machine is a one-off special.

Source: Ferrari

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