Mercedes-AMG is coming out with a Harcore GT R

Mercedes-AMG GT R Preview

No, not that GT-R, but this will still be pretty awesome.

We all knew it was coming; a hardcore version of the Mercedes-AMG GT seemed like it was a given with all the Black Series fun that the German brand seems to be having. What this hardcore Mercedes-AMG GT R will consist of, however, is still waiting to be seen – and heard!

Mercedes-AMG GT R Preview

While you’re sitting on the edge of your seat like us, you can bet that it will likely involve more power, carbon fiber stuff, a drop in weight, and all sorts of cool things on the inside. A more taught suspension, differential, and all those go-fast goodies will also likely come standard as well as a hefty price tag.

Get ready for June 24th!


Are you excited for the unveiling of the Mercedes-AMG GT R?


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