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The Million-Mile Porsche 356 Was Stolen…and then Found!

Million Mile Porsche 356C

Another edition of ‘When Idiot Criminals Ruin Good Things.’

The Porsche 356 put the German automaker on the map and has become a classic sports car as it blends beautiful styling with a brilliant driving experience. Guy Newmark of San Pedro, California was one man who loved the way his 1964 Porsche 356C drove so much that he put about 980,000 miles on the odometer.

The mileage and condition of Newark’s Porsche 356C, nicknamed “Blue” was so impressive that Petrolicious did a story on him and his car.

But unfortunately, some idiot criminal(s) decided that they wanted to take his prized possession away from him. On August 18th, Newark posted on the Rennlist forums that his Bali Blu with fawn interior 1964 Porsche 356C was stolen from his home.

Having something such as this where countless hours were spent enjoying it stolen from you can be a very frustrating and demoralizing experience.

Million Mile Porsche 356C

But then on August 19th, a woman who had seen a posting for the stolen Porsche 356C on the internet spotted the “million mile Porsche” sitting in a park. Unfortunately, all of the wiring from the dashboard had been ripped out because they could not figure out how to hotwire the car and they abandoned it in the park. According to forum posts by Newark’s girlfriend, Jill, the police have been able to obtain a few fingerprints, which will hopefully lead them to the suspects that stole the car.

Jill also commented on how they are planning the car’s 50th birthday after it receives some security upgrades.

We’re glad to see you back with your owner “Blue!”

Photography by Sean Lorentzen of Petrolicious

Source: Rennlist, Petrolicious, Jalopnik

What should happen to the criminal(s) that stole the Porsche 356C?


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