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Misha Designs Unveils their 997.2 911 GTM2 Body Kit

Misha Designs Porsche 911 GTM2

A visual upgrade in power.

The 991-generation Porsche 911 may now be out and on the streets, but Misha Designs has a new upgrade kit for the 997.1- and 997.2-generation 911 models that make it just as eye-catching and powerful as the new model. Called the GTM2, the new body kit includes functional aerodynamic components that visually give the sports car more muscle and turn heads.

Things start at the front, where a new bumper was installed and features larger air intakes that help to redirect cool air towards the radiators and seamlessly integrate the factory LED daytime running lights. A new air vent sits atop the bumper and is similar to that of the one found in GT3 models, to help generate downforce and keep air from accumulating beneath the car. A new hood adds a few character lines that lend a more dynamic appearance to the 911.

Misha Designs Porsche 911 GTM2

The aggressive but clean look continues down each side of the Porsche 911 GTM2 as new skirts conform to the original body lines and visually lower the car while redirecting air away from the wheels. At the rear, the Misha Designs 911 GTM2 wears a new bumper with air outlets and integrated diffuser, while a 911 Turbo-style spoiler sits atop the engine cover.

The front bumper lip, diffuser, and wing blade are all available in carbon fiber, and the GTM2 kit fits all 997-generation models from 2005-2011, including a separate variant for the 911 Carrera 4S model. Earlier 997.1 models require an LED daytime running light upgrade with the Misha Design GTM2 package.

Misha Design 997 911 GTM2 Specifications

GTM2 Kit:
-Front bumper
-Front hood
-Side skirts
-Rear diffuser
-Rear bumper
-Rear spoiler

Misha Design 997 911 GTM2 Gallery

[Source: Misha Designs]

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