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That Moment When you Lose your Door at 174 MPH

Setra Motorsport BMW M3 Loses Door

Who needs doors anyways?

Race cars are designed with safety as the number-one priority. Roll cages, harnesses, fuel cells, fire extinguishers, kill switches, and many other bits and pieces are integrated into these cars to protect the driver. But, that doesn’t mean that they’re perfect and immune from dangerous incidents. Just ask the Setra Motorsport team.

Setra Motorsport BMW M3 Loses Door

While running their E46 BMW M3 race car at 174 mph on the Nurburgring, the door started to shake then completely flew off. The driver then took a second before looking over in amazement at what had just happened. The driver’s eyes tell the entire story at how shocked he was at the missing door with the double-take at triple-digit speeds.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt and we can all have a good laugh at the crazy incident. After all, the less weight, the better!

Source: Nürburgring YouTube

What would you do if you lost your door at 174 MPH?


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