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MotoringExposure Weekly Recap – 11-10

Can’t access the internet at work? Had a busy day? Here’s a recap of the exciting cars, videos, and car culture accessories that you may have missed this week!

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The Sexy Cars

Cars Just for a Guy, Just in Case He Loses His Job – A Presidential pick of cars.

Manhart Racing gets Torquey with their new Diesel Tuning Programs – More fun for BMW and MINI.

Mazda Unveils their MX-5 Super25 Miata at SEMA – Endurance Racing Specialist.

The ABT QS5 is an Economic Diesel Powerhouse – Giving the Audi SQ5 some stiff competition.

The 9ff GTurbo 1200 is a Double-Snail Dynamo! – Two turbos for the track day superstar.

The new Hamann memoR is an Artsy Fartsy McLaren MP4-12C – Making quite an artistic splash.

The New Big Three Automakers – Russia, China and Mexico

Featured Fitment

The Defend 1948 and Defend 1983 Wheels from A Kahn Design – Rugged looks for an off-roader.

Car Videos

Let’s go for a ride in the G-Power G1 V8 Hurricane RS – Because everything is better with a supercharged V-8.

The Prospeed Audi Quattro S1 is Tons of Turbo-Five Fun – Old-school hillclimb action.

The illmotion Crew – Reviving the automotive scene in Calgary.

Upgrade your Interior with an iPad Mini! – Tech nerds, ASSEMBLE!

Gulf Racing at the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans – Endurance racing in orange and blue.

Motoring Lifestyle

Bentley’s new Gift Collection for the Holidays – Stay at home on Black Friday.

Friday FAIL

It wasn’t a good time for one Bentley Continental GTC – Flooded, scraped, and junked.

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