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The new 997.2 Vorsteiner V-RT Lightweight Carbon Fiber Aero Package

Vorsteiner V-RT Porsche 911

Maximum performance through lightweight technology.

One of the best ways to improve the overall performance of a sports car is to reduce weight. This enables better acceleration, braking, handling, and even fuel economy, and if you can optimize the aerodynamic properties of the car in the process, you’re going to end up with some exciting dynamics.

That’s exactly what the team at Vorsteiner did with the 997.2-generation Porsche 911 with the new V-RT upgrade package. The kit includes new, lightweight aerodynamics that improve airflow and downforce, while also adding a more aggressive design to create a stunning sports car. Each component is made from carbon fiber composite (CFRP) made from advanced vacuum technology that results in a higher strength and lower overall weight.

The Porsche 911 changes start up front where a new CFRP bumper cover with add-on chin spoiler and larger air intake ducts that draw in more air for the front radiators. As an option, the fog lights can be removed to save weight. Then, the V-RT kit adds on a set of new side skirts that visually lower the Porsche 911 and a new carbon fiber roof that reduces weight at the highest point by 55 lbs. for a better center of gravity. The rear of the 911 wears a new bumper with larger air vents and integrated exhaust outlets along with a carbon fiber decklid and rear wing spoiler that generates downforce for better stability and handling.

Vorsteiner 911 V-RT

As part of the Vorsteiner V-RT 997 Porsche 911 upgrade program, customers can opt for a variety of lightweight one- or three-piece forged wheels. The aluminum alloy wheels can be optioned with a center-locking mechanism and wear grippy Michelin PS2 sport tires.

The Vorsteiner V-RT 997.2 Porsche 911 lightweight upgrade package is currently available as an entire package or individual options.

Vorsteiner V-RT Porsche 911 Specifications

V-RT Package:
-CFRP front bumper with enlarged air intakes
-Optional fog light removal
-CFRP front spoiler lip
-CFRP side skirts
-Carbon fiber roof insert; saves 55 lbs.
-CFRP rear bumper
-CFRP decklid
-CFRP rear wing spoiler

Vorsteiner V-RT Porsche 911 Gallery

[Source: Vorsteiner]

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