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The new TechART 981 Porsche Boxster Customization Program

TechART 981 Porsche Boxster

Its personalization time for the Boxster 981.

The new Porsche Boxster 981 builds on the big success of the open-top model from the German automaker, giving owners one of the best open-top driving experiences in the automotive market. TechArt is looking to make this blissful drop-top model even more enjoyable by offering a new customization package for the current-generation Boxster.

The new TechART 981 Boxster program offers owners the ability to create a truly unique model thanks to a wide range of aftermarket products. One of the featured products for the new model is two sets of forged wheel designs. The German tuner offers a five-spoke, 21-inch Formula lightweight alloy style or double-spoke Formula III 21-inch forged wheels. Each set offers a 40 percent weight reduction over similar alloy wheels and helps to give the Boxster a mode dynamic ride and better overall performance, especially when paired with performance tires. New sport springs can also be installed to reduce the overall center of gravity by lowering the front axle by 30 mm and the rear by 20 mm.

In terms of increased power, the TechART 981 Boxster can be outfitted with a new, stainless steel exhaust system. The classic polished round tips produce a more aggressive tone thanks to a sound muffler with adjustable valves that can be controlled by the driver.

The interior of the TechART 981 Boxster features a wide range of custom options. The seats, dashboard, and other components can be covered in leather or alcantara in a variety of colors and stitching to match or contrast the exterior color scheme. Carbon fiber and other trim packages can complement the color scheme or add a touch of sport to the drop-top. Customers can choose from a number of three-spoke steering wheels with integrated TechART paddle shifters for PDK-equipped models for quick and easy gear changes.

The new TechART Porsche 981 Boxster can also be equipped with a new aerodynamic body kit with custom painting. All of the new options can be ordered as a complete package or as individual accessories for the Boxster. Pricing has not been released.

TechART 981 Porsche Boxster Specifications

-Stainless steel exhaust system with rounded polished tips
-TechART sound muffler with adjustable valve flaps

Wheels and Suspension:
-TechART Formula forged wheels in 21-inch sizes with five-spoke design
-TechART Formula III forged wheels in 21-inch sizes with double-spoke design
-Sport spring kit; 30 mm lower front, 20 mm lower rear

-Custom leather and alcantara with decorative stitching
-Carbon fiber or custom trim pieces
-Variety of three-spoke steering wheel with new PDK shift paddles

-TechART aerodynamic body kit

TechART 981 Porsche Boxster Gallery

[Source: TechART]

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