It’s Official: The Bentayga has the COOLEST Headlight Washers

Bentley Bentayga Headlight Washer

Could this be the best part of the SUV?

Screw your spray nozzles and take your mini wiper blades home. Nothing, and I mean nothing can beat the headlight washing system on the Bentley Bentayga.

With the Bentley Bentayga, there’s a certain level of prestige, luxury, technology, craftsmanship, and power that is expected. The new ultra-luxury SUV has all of that and can even handle itself off-road as well.

Bentley Bentayga Headlight Washer

But aside from all that jazz, the coolest thing that you get in the $230,000 SUV is the headlight washing system. Yes, the system that cleans the headlights from dirt and debris will have you making extra trips to get washer fluid.

Here, a mechanism extends a nozzle out from the body that sprays washer fluid at high pressure on the headlight, thus making it squeaky clean. While it does leave a bit of a mess, the robotic component that extends from the body is so freaking cool to watch.

So, watch it.

Source: Javier Mota YouTube

Is the headlight washing system on the Bentley Bentayga the coolest on the market today?


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