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Friday FAIL: Some Impatient BMW Jackassery

Friday FAIL: BMW Jackassery

Just freaking wait.

We all know the BMW driver stereotype; they think they own the road and are the coolest people behind the wheel. That BMW roundel does something to a driver’s DNA that changes their entire character. This impatient BMW driver is the perfect example of the stereotype.

A dashcam-equipped driver was stuck in traffic and let a school bus move in ahead. The slow-moving traffic was clearly and understandably frustrating, but there’s nothing that could’ve been done to change it. Well, the BMW driver behind the camera car thought otherwise.

Friday FAIL: BMW Jackassery

Instead of just staying put in the line of traffic, he attempted to pass on the outside in a turn. The only problem was that there was no lane for him to pass. Instead, a concrete barrier magically appeared, causing the BMW driver to go right up into the air and get stuck at a 45-degree angle.

The BMW driver got out, visibly upset, and was in disbelief at what had happened. However, he only had himself to blame.

Source: T M26 YouTube

How stupid was this stereotypical BMW driver?


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