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Oh, Just a ton of Super Cars Leaving Cars & Coffee Italy

Cars and Coffee Italy Video

We could watch this on repeat for a few hours.

Oh look, a Ferrari Enzo… Oh damn, a 288 GTO! And there’s a Maserati MC12!


Cars and Coffee Italy Video

That’s what probably happens to most people when they are standing outside of the Cars and Coffee Italy show as these sports cars and exotics are leaving and filling the air with utterly intoxicating exhaust notes.

Seriously, every kind of exotic and super car that you could imagine, new or old, was leaving Cars and Coffee Italy, and it was captured on camera for all of us to enjoy with the speakers turned up to 11.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt by Mustangs leaving the show.

Source: NM2255 Car HD Videos YouTube

What was your favorite car leaving Cars and Coffee Italy?


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