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The new TechArt Magnum Sport is Bigger and Better

TechArt Magnum Sport

In your face sport.

For generations, the TechArt Magnum upgrade program has given the Porsche Cayenne SUV a more aggressive and dominating look. The newest generation is no different, but the latest “Sport” edition turns things up a notch inside and out.

TechArt Magnum Sport

The new TechArt Magnum Sport edition has an even more aggressive OEM-quality body kit with optional carbon fiber construction. The fascia becomes more dominant thanks to a new bumper and font spoiler along with a splitter, center radiator grille, and side air intakes. Special “Airframes” create ducts above the intakes and house the LED daytime running lights. Above, a new carbon fiber Aero Engine Lid sits proudly, hinting at the power that hides beneath with its dual air outlets.

The large-and-in-charged front fascia of the TechArt Magnum Sport flows seamlessly into the flared fenders at the front and rear axles, connected by a pair of side skirts. Integrated air outlets behind each fender creates the impression of speed and power for the SUV.

TechArt Magnum Sport

Stability and control are all generated at the rear of the TechArt Magnum Sport. Here, a roof spoiler and hatch spoiler combo create downforce while a carbon fiber diffuser sits beneath and integrates the new exhaust tailpipes. If needed, the diffuser can be removed so that the SUV can tow.

Sitting beneath those beefy fenders are new TechArt Formula IV wheels that cut down on the overall weight for better performance. The 22-inch wheels can be custom-finished for each individual and paired up with the optional TechArt Air Suspension Module Sport. The module allows for the ride height to be altered and features an Automatic Parking Level to lower the height for an intimidating look at a standstill.

TechArt Magnum Sport

These looks don’t come without power, either. The TechArt Magnum Sport edition can be fitted with a range of upgrade packages for all gasoline and diesel models. The top-dog Cayenne Turbo can be outfitted with the TechArt TA058/T2 kit that includes new exhaust manifolds, more efficient turbochargers, sport air filters, and new water and oil piping. After the auxiliary control unit is installed a total of 700 horsepower and 678 lb-ft. of torque can be created. Two stages are also used in this upgrade kit, with the first providing up to 640 horsepower. After pressing the ‘Sport’ button, a total of 700 horsepower from 5,400 to 6,000 RPM and 678 lb-ft. of torque at 4,400 RPM is generated.

TechArt Magnum Sport

In addition to the wide range of engine upgrade packages, the TechArt Mangum Sport can also be upgraded with various sport exhausts with or without the factory tailpipes. Customers with the Cayenne Diesel can choose to install the TechArt Dynamic Sound sport exhaust system that features electronically-operated membranes that enhance the diesel engine’s sound.

The TechArt leathershop gives customers of the Magnum Sport the ability to make their wildest dreams come true inside the SUV. Here, a virtually unlimited palette of colors and finishes are available for the upholstery and dashboard. These can be combined with three-spoke steering wheels, custom gauges, floor mats, sports pedals, and personalized illuminated door entry guards as well.

TechArt Magnum Sport

The new TechArt Magnum Sport conversion is currently available for all Porsche Cayenne models.

TechArt Magnum Sport Specifications

Engine Upgrades:
-TA058/D1 for Cayenne Diesel: plus 21 kW (28 hp)
-TA058/SD1 for Cayenne S Diesel: plus 26 kW (35 hp)
-TA058/S1.1 for Cayenne GTS: 20 kw (40 hp)
-TA058/T1 for Cayenne Turbo: 59 kW (80 hp)
-TA058/T2 for Cayenne Turbo: 132 kW (180 hp)
-Optional sport exhaust systems

-New front bumper and apron
-Carbon fiber front splitter
-Carbon fiber front spoiler
-Front airframes with integrated LED daytime running lights
-Central radiator grille
-Extended front and rear fenders with air vents
-Side skirts
-Rear roof spoiler
-Rear trunk spoiler
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser

Wheels and Suspension:
Wheels: TechArt Formula IV
Suspension: Air Suspension module

TechArt Magnum Sport Gallery

Source: TechArt

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