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One Special Porsche 911 with a Bugatti touch – Video

Minimalist design.

Achim Anscheidt is the Head of Design for Bugatti and you’d think that his garage would be full of lavish high-end automobiles from both historic and modern time periods. But, according to him, sometimes you need a break from all of the high-tech, modern aspects of today’s automobiles and returning to a modern piece of automotive engineering is refreshing.

One of his most prized automobiles is his Porsche 911 that’s stripped down to the bare essentials. It began as a 1981 911 SC body that saw all of the unnecessary pieces removed, and new Kevlar panels installed to reduce weight. The interior is completely stripped out as well, and features black checkered seats is a bare cabin with no heater and plastic windows. His engine bay is also – you guessed it – stripped to the bare essentials and helps contribute to the incredibly low 820 kg (1,807.79 lb.) weight. Virtually every aspect even down to the two-tone Fuchs wheels that were painted by himself using water as a perfect line for tape, was meticulously looked at to create the perfect, minimalistic car for the designer.

[Source: Drive YouTube Channel]

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