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High-Performance Pets will Love the Carbon Fiber RevoZport La Maison Noire

RevoZport La Maison Noire

Because Carbon Fiber.

Have you ever had that moment of disappointment where all of the pet houses on the market are just ugly and heavy? Well RevoZport now has the answer to your animal housing problems with the new carbon fiber La Maison Noire.

The ultra-lightweight, innovative pet house is a custom-tailored, ultra-lightweight living space for your high-performance pet. Made from prepreg carbon fiber in carbon composite that’s cured in a 120-degree autoclave, the structure of La Maison Noire is extremely lightweight and strong. The material used to construct the high-end pet house for the performance-minded owner was chosen for its superb odor reduction, weight, strength, and heat dissipation – most of which are characteristics you’d like to see in a vehicle.

RevoZport La Maison Noire

The new RevoZport La Maison Noire was designed by CWAN with the goal of creating a new and forward-thinking shelter for pets with an organic shape. RevoZport’s La Maison Noire is very different from the average pet shelter and is based on real-life architecture with a commanding presentation and purposeful function.

Small and medium-sized pets will be right at home in the bespoke La Maison Noire, whether they live inside or outdoors. The shape and structure allows for natural light to fill the living space and fresh air to circulate throughout for comfortable living in all weather conditions. The structure and its IP65 waterproof LED lights can be taken apart and cleaned easily.


The entire La Maison Noire can be custom-ordered from RevoZport to suit any owner’s taste and pet. Everything from the color and interior fabric with materials such as nappa leather, alcantara, and carpet can be added. Even the name of the pet can be imprinted into the carbon fiber pet house.

The RevoZport La Maison Noire is the ultimate in high-performance pet living. The shelter measures 92 x 77 cm with the roof and is priced at $3,590.

RevoZport La Maison Noire Specifications

Material: Carbon Fiber Composite
Dimensions: 92 x 77 cm with roof
Designer: CWAN
Price: $3,590

RevoZport La Maison Noire Gallery

Source: RevoZport

Is the new RevoZport La Maison Noire carbon fiber pet house the most ridiculous carbon fiber creation ever?


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