A Pony To Be Thankful For


Just in time for Thanksgiving, we are inundated with a flood of news about America’s beloved pony car: The Ford Mustang. Well, just like the meal on turkey day after the blessing, let’s dive in!



Vaughn Gittin Jr., World-famous drifter, has completed development of his RTR upgrade package for the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang. He unveiled the package at the recent SEMA Show in Vegas. The 2015 Ford Mustang RTR is available with any of the 2015 Mustang’s engines, with a Spec 1 package focusing purely on appearance modifications and a Spec 2 package including both appearance and performance upgrades. The appearance mods consist of a chin spoiler, custom upper and lower grills, a rear spoiler, a rear diffuser and new side sills. The go-fast modifications include adjustable dampers and sway bars, lowered springs, a cold air intake, a custom Magnaflow exhaust system, and a supercharger.

The most powerful Mustang RTR is rated at 725 horsepower with a supercharger strapped to a 5.0-liter V-8. Since 2009, Gittin Jr.’s Mustang RTR dealer-installed upgrades have become wilder and grown to include appearance, engine and chassis modifications. There is something for everyone as most of the upgrades can be had as individual parts so fans can pick and match exactly what they need. The 2015 Ford Mustang RTR will be available in January 2015.

Roush….’nuff said.


The 2015 Ford Mustang GT makes 435-horsepower. So what? Ford Racing and Roush have come up with a new supercharger kit that will help the car’s 5.0-liter V-8 deliver more than 600 hp.

The new kit will be available later this year from Ford dealerships and select retail channels for Ford Racing and Roush. It includes the complete hardware and calibration settings to enable the Mustang GT to comfortably produce more than 600 horsepower, and when installed at an authorized dealer also comes with a limited warranty. Full details are yet to be released.

Though yet to be confirmed, the new supercharger kit announced today is expected to be the basis of Roush’s own RS3 upgrade for the Mustang.


On November 17th, Ford is set to unveil a new performance vehicle. A teaser video is out and the car’s engine heard towards the end of the teaser sounds an awful lot like a V-8. I guess we can safely assume that this isn’t going to be a Fusion, huh? Rumors fly that this new car will be the SVT-enhanced Mustang GT350. Another clue is the font used in the teaser for the “11.17.14” reveal date, which matches the font used in the leaked GT350 badge we saw in August as well as that used on the previous Shelby GT500. As Silas Robertson would say: “Hey, we ain’t Sherlock Holmes here, but clues is clues”.

Coincidentally, the L.A. Auto Show is the very next day. Keep a watchful eye for a new pony. Check out the video here:

There’s no such thing as a Hoonicorn


The Hoonicorn is a heavily modified 1965 Ford Mustang stuffed with a 410 cubic-inch Roush Yates Ford V-8 producing for 845 horsepower through a six-speed manual transmission with power going to all four wheels. ASD Motorsports built the Hoonicorn over the course of two years using input from Block for Gynkhana 7. I love it. I hope you do too.

Just when you thought you had enough to be thankful for, Ford, Roush and Vaughn Gittin Jr. give you just a little something else. If you ever wanted a pony for Christmas, you want one now, more than ever.

Historians call it the “most significant historic Mustang in the world,” and it carries a $1.1 million price to match.  In May of 1964, Ford shipped Holman Moody three of the first Mustang Convertibles ever built and let the company go wild prepping them for pace car duty. A  450-horsepower 289 originally developed for the GT40 along with atweaked suspension, bigger brakes, robust four-speed garbox, and a narrowed rear end from a ’59 Galaxie, complete with a limited slip differential and a 3.25 axle ratio. Of the three,  two were completed. One of which immediately suffered a mechanical failure. There was, however,a lone survivor left to prance the Brickyard and give the world its first look at the car at speed. Like other familiar stories,   the Mustang vanished, and was rediscovered.  A Mustang Club of America official found the car in the early ‘90s. and restored it to its original glory, and now the machine’s for sale. RK Motors in Charlotte NC may still have it if some lucky guy hasn’t snatched it up by the time you read this.  Wouldn’t that make a great entrance at the annual family gathering at Grandma & Grandpa’s?

What is one Ford Mustang that you’re thankful for this year?


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