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Preview: The speedART 911 SP91-R for the Porsche 991

The sleek, sporty, and sexy 991.

The new Porsche 991 911 is more powerful, technologically advanced, and more efficient than ever before. Porsche also gave its newest 911 a sleeker, wider design than past models. speedART is looking to improve upon all of these aspects and create a unique and powerful Porsche 991 upgrade program for the 911 Carrera and Carrera S models just in time for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

The new speedART 911 SP91-R complements the 991-generation’s sleek new lines to create a sporty yet stylish aerodynamic program. speedART has developed a number of different variants for the SP91-R body kit, the first aspect of which involves the addition of a CS rear spoiler that can be mounted on the stock rear spoiler. The spoiler not only improves downforce at the rear axle, but adds muscular styling to the 911 Carrera and Carrera S models. The wing can also be painted in two different colors to add a custom tailored look to the 911.

As part of the speedART SP91-R, customers can order from a range of different wheel and suspension setups. Upon its launch after the Geneva Motor Show, the speedART 911 will feature modular LSC-Forged wheels in 20- and 21-inch sizes with custom finishes. A number of different suspension options will be available for better handling ranging from sport or race setups and even an air lift upgrade to overcome obstacles.

Both the 3.4-liter and 3.8-liter flat-six engines in the Porsche 911 will have power kit options from speedART. Full exhausts complete with upgraded manifolds and sport catalytic converters will be available with optional sport switches that can alter the sound of the flat-six engine. Customers of the speedART SP91-R program can also opt for a lightweight titanium exhaust setup for even better performance. speedART is also developing an ECU tuning program that is expected to increase power by 25 horsepower and 18 lb-ft. (25 Nm) in conjunction with an upgraded exhaust for both engine choices.

The speedART SP91-R 911 will be available with a range of interior accessories. Customers can create a unique atmosphere with alcantara and leather upholstery, and custom trim sets. For better control, a number of ergonomic sports steering wheels can be fitted along with F1 paddle shifters.

The speedART SP91-R will make its official debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March. The full upgrade list along with pricing will be made available during the show.

speedART SP91-R 991 Porsche 911 Specifications

-ECU tuning
-Full exhaust system with manifolds and catalytic converters
-Optional titanium exhaust

Wheels and Suspension:
-Modular LSC-Forged wheels in 20- and 21-inch sizes
-Sport and Race suspension upgrades
-Optional Air Lift suspension

-SP91-R body kit
-Rear wing with optional bi-color painting
-Optional widebody upgrade

speedART SP91-R 991 Porsche 911 Gallery

[Source: speedART]

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