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Prior Design’s aerodynamic Audi R8 body kit

Slice through air and look good doing it.

The R8 is the most distinguished and prominent Audi model. It doesn’t just have road presence; it commands attention, whether it’s the 4.2-liter V-8 or the 5.2-liter V-10; drop top or coupe. Prior Design has designed a new aerodynamic R8 body kit that sets the super car apart from anything on the road.

The new Prior Design aerodynamic body kit gives the R8 an air of confidence and style while still retaining functionality. The non-carbon fiber parts are made from Dura-Flax FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic). The flexible, yet strong material possesses a superb surface finish that can be easily painted to match the exterior color of the R8. All of the new parts are made with precision and requires no modifications to be installed.

The aerodynamic R8 body kit consists of a front lip spoiler that increases downforce at the front axle and gives the Audi a lower profile, and a rear skirt diffuser that helps keep the super car planted on the road and seamlessly integrates into the bumper. A new pair of side skirts calms the air around both sides of the R8 and try to steal the show from the contrasting factory side blades.

But if the aerodynamic spoiler, diffuser, and side skirts aren’t enough, Prior Design also has optional carbon fiber accessories; because carbon fiber makes everything better. Inside customers can order an interior carbon fiber trim set that covers the handbrake lever, center console, door trim, and more. With the R8’s engine peering through glass for all to see, it only made sense for Prior Design to create a carbon fiber engine cover to give the R8 a sportier appearance.

The Prior Design Audi R8 aerodynamic body kit is currently available from German tuner. Each of the parts are available separately or as an entire package and will fit all R8 models. In addition, Prior Design also offers a stainless steel exhaust system for the R8. The carbon fiber engine cover and interior trim can also be ordered separately. Pricing has not been released.

Prior Design Audi R8 Body Kit Specifications

-Front Lip Spoiler
-Side Skirts
-Rear Skirt Diffuser
-Installation Materials
– TÜV Parts Certificate

-Carbon fiber interior trim set
-Carbon fiber engine cover
-Stainless steel exhaust system

Prior Design Audi R8 Body Kit Gallery

[Source: Prior-Design]

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